Another statistic of the unemployed

Daily thoughts and ponderings

Writer's Block: Raining cats or dogs?
I'm a cat person. I love my dogs, but cats can live in smaller dwellings. My husband always had cats so he is not offended by them.

Writer's Block: What is your life sentence?
Jesus disciple, bookworm, music-lover, baby rocker.

Writer's Block: Ten years to the day
I hope to be in better health in 10 years. I am working hard to lose weight by diet and exercise. I would like to live in a warmer climate during the winter months, but that probably won't happen.

Writer's Block: Random acts
I have my trunk filled with books that I'm donating to the store inside our local library. People can buy the books for a small charge of maybe a quarter. The library gets the money and people can buy books as gifts for children or for themselves.

Writer's Block: Name your passion
I am passionate about getting back to work. I lost my job back in July due to the economy and seems unnatural to me not to be going to work at least part-time! I am also passionate about reading.

Writer's Block: Gifts for My Favorite Geek
Actually nothing of the sort. It's going to be a cold winter here and I'm getting my husband flannel-lined jeans.

Writer's Block: Tinsel town
I'm not going to decorate for Christmas. Everything is in the crawl-space and the dogs and the cats don't care either.

Writer's Block: It's Never Too Early...
I wait until about a week before Christmas when the retailers but their best sales out. That works best for me.

Writer's Block: If these walls could talk
No. 18 years ago we looked at an ideal house but a murder had taken place on the front lawn. He ex-husband murdered his ex-wife in cold blood. My husband expressed interest and I said NO!

Writer's Block: Gifted Ideas
Something you can make like cookies and also homemade ornaments. Or just time. Take that person to lunch.


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